Church of Christ

The Church of Christ is the true Church established in the last days by Christ himself to prepare the world for his Final Return. Walking in the true spirit of Christ Jesus's commands, congregations in Andhra Pradesh are working with a common idea and goal. The mission is to spread the Word of God to every man and woman so that they will not be lost in this world, but be saved through the Love of God (John 3:16) and Jesus Christ's sacrifice.

Church of Christ Congregations in Andhra Pradesh are continuously working among people from all walks of life and with people below the poverty line, uneducated, unemployed, widowed and orphans. Efforts are put by preachers to educate people in rural areas in Bible literature and encouraging them to be servants of Christ Jesus.

Church of Christ congregations in Andhra Pradesh are encouraged and supported for over 15 years by the Grand Junction Church of Christ, Colorado, USA. Bro. Steve Bagga, represents the congregations in Andhra Pradesh at Grand Junction Church of Christ, Colorado, USA.

Bro. Steve Bagga chose Bro. S.J. Benhur and Bro. S.S. Samuel to lead a team of 22 dedicated preachers, though living in poverty, are rich in faith and zeal to serve the Lord God and His people.

Every preacher in the team works towards the following:

  • Evangelism – Spreading the Word of God
  • Conducting Public meetings in rural areas
  • Baptizing those who believed into Christ
  • Charity
  • Bible Training
  • Vocational Bible Study
  • Constructing Prayer Halls
  • Conducting Marriages

Every preacher in the team is dedicated to work for the Lord. Preachers encourage each other and strengthen themselves in faith.

Bible quizzes and Bible literature are put online to encourage new preachers who want to learn the word of God.

About Bro. Steve Bagga

Bro. Steve Bagga, Colorado, USA is a servant of God representing preachers here in Andhra Pradesh, India at Grand Junction Church of Christ, Colorado, USA. He has been constantly supporting and encouraging the poor preachers for over 15 years. Currently he is supporting 22 preachers in Andhra Pradesh, India. He is also giving his support for a blind man who's wife passed away and has an old mother who is a widow.

His kind hearted support also goes to preachers who are healed from leprosy and survived fatal accidents. He helped preachers by gifting few of them with two wheeler vehicles. Few preachers were supported financially to construct church buildings for their congregations at different locations in Andhra Pradesh. Every December, Bro. Steve gifts clothes for all the preachers and their spouses. He also gifts sarees to the widows in all congregations. All new members of the Church who are saved through baptism are gifted with a complete Bible and a song book.

Every month Bible training classes are conducted. Expenses of Bible school are also provided by Bro. Steve. So far 3 Batches have successfully completed their training courses. some students of these batches have their own congregations and few are teaching as teachers in Sunday school and vacation Bible schools.

None of the preachers had church buildings of their own until Bro. Steve through Grand Junction Church of Christ started supporting; few preachers have their own church buildings now. One of the preachers also started a widow and old age home and Bro. Steve helped him for purchasing a Van for transportation purposes.

Bro. Steve and another kind hearted brother gave their complete support for printing song books. Song books have been printed twice till now. He provided a laptop, projector, slide projector, printer etc., for the purpose of conducting classes to the students of Bible school, showing Christian gospel movies to the people.

Every alternate year, Bro. Steve visits India and conducts meetings to encourage preachers at every congregation. All churches here in Andhra Pradesh which are being supported by Bro. Steve have established themselves both in terms of quality and quantity and faith. Now members of the church at few congregations have pledged to support their preachers and look into the needs of the church as well.

Bro. Steve has always been a kind hearted individual who never looked for luxury, but always adjusts himself well to every available situation in India.

We are thankful to Grand Junction Church of Christ, Colorado, USA for encouraging Bro. Steve and supporting us.

Through this website we are looking to provide more information about the work of God we are conducting in Andhra Pradesh, India. We are looking forward for more such kind hearted people to support evangelism in India.